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XMS3 DHX 2x2gb issues

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I've had these sticks in my new build for about a month and a half now, at auto detect they're running at a balmy 1066 without issue, upon tweaking up to 1600mhz at advertised clocks I'm getting all sorts of blue screens running games etc etc


Have an optical drive on the way as the one I had failed after two days so as of yet I have not run the sticks through memtest, Was looking for even a nudge of guidance on the timings I'm attempting to run these at to see if maybe my issues lie there.


running at 9-9-9-24

Row Pre - 9

Min Ras - 24


twtr - 6t

trfc0 - 110ns


Write rec - 12t

Pre time 3t

Row Cycle 40t

ras to ras 7


The system will operate just hunkey dorey until I try to game, Ran "BurnIn Test" and found no errors but I don't ever get much info from that program anyway


Any help would be appreciated whilst I wait for a way to fire up memtest


Edit: just realized i put this in the wrong forum, if it can be moved please do so

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