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Help .. Which Memory Can I Use


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Greetings RamGuy ..

My machine is not listed in your database (details of it are on my profile, including motherboard P/N).

Please be aware that the listed machines (m7330 uk, or es, or fr) are not similar to the m7330n sold in the USA. The m7330n uses PC3200 DDR, 400 MHz.

I have two 512KB modules (factory installed), and I would like to upgrade to at least 2 GB, using a pair of 1 GB modules (2 X 1024).

Retailers have not been able to tell me which Corsair part number I should select for the pair.

Incidentally, if I upgrade with a pair of 1024's, could the current pair of 512's still be used (for a total of 3 GB)?

Can you please assist?

Thank you.


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In my message, I indicated that the machine details are on my profile. It's an HP Media Center, TV, Model # m7330n, which is NOT in your database. The motherboard is MS-7184 (by MSI). Again, all the details are listed on my profile.
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