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Now i have unstable system. After 20-30 minets uptime, system Shut down. I can not install OS.



Timings 4-4-4-12 V2.10 set manually.

Tryed to leave only one memory module, the same, system shut down in few min.

Bios Version 2001, the latest.

What is the right timings for my Configuration?

There is no errors in memtest.

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TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX would be the correct part # for a kit of those sticks. I've updated your profile with this information.


Do you have other memory you can test in this system? Is this a new build?

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System turning off.

Temperature is OK, checked with BIOS.

I have already made memtest both sticks one by one, no errors. So i thought that i made something wrong in BIOS memory settings.

I have change Video, Power Supply, HDD... before posting here.

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I would set up the system with both modules and go to BIOS setup and watch the Hardware monitor section till it turns off and see if there are any issues noted before the shut down. If there is nothing noted I would get the MB replaced and or test it out of the case on a bench build.
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I have found the problem!


I have two Samsung 500 Gb SpinPoint T166S HD501LJ (One at a time!!!)

Windows HDD check on both HDD shows no errors. (on another System)

So i have tryed Seagate barrakuda ST3200822AS but unexpected shut down still exist! With this HDD were some problems later.


Both made system shut down!!!!!!


Now there is old Seagate Barrakuda ST314220A and everything is OK!!!!


With Samsung's system shutting down even in BIOS without any issues noted!

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