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Asus Striker and CM3X2G1333C9DHX


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As the title says I have an Asus Striker II extreme and CM3X2G1333C9DHX ram (2x2gb) and am having major problems with this combination.


I have set the memory timing in the bios to what is shown on the data sheet (9-9-9-24-2T at 1.60V) - everything else is on default settings and am getting random lockups with varying time intervals between. The longer the pc has been powered up, the quicker the lockups occur.


Can anyone suggest any other settings for this board/ram combination, as, to be honest, i'm getting ready to throw the pc out of my bedroom window:D: !!! (joke btw - but am getting more and more frustrated as time goes on !)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk. Shut the system down. Insert a single stick in the slot one (first slot closest to the CPU). Enter your BIOS. Load Setup Defaults. Save Setup Defaults. Set to these values:

Extreme Tweaker 

CPU Level Up = Auto
Memory Level Up = Auto
CPU Multiplier = 9
FSB - Memory Clock Mode = UnLinked
FSB (QDR) Frequency = 333 (1333)
Mem (DDR) Frequency = 667 (1333)
LDT Frequency = 5x

Memory Timing Section 

P1 = Auto
P2 = Auto
tCL = 9
tRCD = 9
tRP = 9
tRAS = 24
Command Per Clock = 2T
tRRD = Auto
tRC = Auto
tWR = Auto
tWTR = Auto
tFAW = Auto
tRD = Auto
tRTP = Auto
tRFC = 80
tREF = Auto

Over Voltage

CPU Voltage = Auto
Loadline Calibration = Disabled
CPU PLL Voltage = Autov 
CPU VTT Voltage = Autov
Memory Voltage + 1.7v
NB Core Voltage = 1.32v
SB Core Voltage = 1.50v
CPU GTL_REF0 Ratio = Auto
CPU GTL_REF1 Ratio = Auto
CPU GTL_REF2 Ratio = Auto
CPU GTL_REF3 Ratio = Auto
DDR3 CHA1 Ref Voltage = Auto
DDR3 CHA2 Ref Voltage = Auto
DDR3 CHB1 Ref Voltage = Auto
DDR3 CHB2 Ref Voltage = Auto

CPU Configuration

CPU Internal Thermal Control = Auto
Limit CPUID MaxVal = Disabled
Enhanced C1 (C1E) = Disabled
Execute Disable Bit = Enabled
Virtualization Technology = Enabled
Enhanced SpeedStep Tech = Disabled

All CPU Cores = Enabled

Spread Spectrum Control = All to disabled

Shut the system down. Boot to the Memtest CD with that single stick and allow for two full paasses. Shut the system down. Remove the first stick and insert it in slot three. Repeat memtest. Shut the system down. Remove the first stick and insert the second stick alone into slot three and repeat memtest. You have now memtested both sticks and slot 1 and 3.


Now test for the Dual Channel Mode function of the memory controller. Insert a stick in slot one and three and memtest. Remove the set and insert the second set in slot two and four and memtest. If stable, enter Windows and post screenshots of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs.




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Well, I did the memory tests and all was fine. it wasn't until I got into windows that i was having the problem of random lock ups. So I decided to reinstall windows.


All went successfully until i went to start windows update then it locked up again with nothing else installed ! I was thinking before this point that it was software related as I'd ruled out the RAM, but now it HAD to be hardware. I decided to take the PC back to the bare essentials - 1 stick of ram, no sound, 1 graphics card. But I had a problem with that - I almost burned my hand on the graphics card!!!!



HMMMM I thought.... turned PC on whilst looking at the card - FAN NOT TURNING!!

On the 9800GTX the fan doesn't have any casing around it, and a usb header cable was stopping it from rotating and therefore the gpu was overheating and locking up. Also, the reason why everything was fine during installation and in DOS was because the cards were using SLI, but this wasn't enabled until I was into windows. So until then, the only card which was under load was the one with the fan which WAS working. As soon as SLI was enabled, both cards were under load and the pc locked up!


SO, i rerouted the cables, put everything back in and so far, after at least 8 hrs under power, all is still running ok without locking up.


Thx very much for your help to rule out the ram. Bizarre how many different things can cause the same result.



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I look at the issue in the data stream, and not the hardware components initially also but I always open the case and test the thermal radiation capabilities of the system.


Many issues are found to be thermal. You understand test bench and isolation so you are ahead of the game whenever issues arise. Other than checking the thermals of the system, I would have followed the same route you did. When you said that the longer the system was powered on, the quicker the lockups, you were specifying a power/heat characteristic.


I must admit that my system thermal testing came from the process of spending trouble-shooting hours only to find the issue was a ten minute thermal fix. :p:



Thx very much for your help to rule out the ram. Bizarre how many different things can cause the same result.
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