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Overclocking Asus rampage 2 extreme and i7 965 extreme

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Guys any of you have a stable setings for my setup? If possible 4ghz on the cpu and 1t @ 1866mhz on the ram. I just can't find the right settings to 4ghz cpu and 1t @ 1866 windows won't boot up anymore if I put it at 1t 1866. I can only go up to 1600mhz @1t. Any help? Thanks
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There's no hard and fast settings for that level of an overclock.


I am using an air cooler with TRUE Black & 2 Iceberg 120's in Push/Pull

When I run my CPU i7 965 @4.0 Ghz, the idle temp is about 38 C and full load is about 90 C. When I run my machine at the 965 stock speed of 3.2Ghz, the idle temp is about 35 C and load is about 60 C. I run at 180 X 21 HT enabled which gives me 78C full load.


The temps are going to be tough in finding stability with 4.0ghz. Many say they make 4.0Ghz on air, but most do not in testing long term stability. In other words, LinX with 20 iterations on full will fail. Your CPU will run so hot that it will effect the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) and even the transitory effects at 200 BCLK on air with 4.0Ghz will be marked.


This was the top of my end for fully stable with 100 LinX but I had to drop HT. 180 with HT was better.



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