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I don't know if the Tech support rep who helped me out today will see this or not, but I would like to give Carlos huge HUGE props for helping me out today.


I initially had trouble with my DDR-3 1866 running at their SPD and rated speeds in double/triple channeling so he had thought it was the integrated memory controller on the i7 940. I called up Intel and boy was their support horrible. Not only was the rep rude but lacked the knowledge to help me with my problem and answer simple questions. He basically fed me some nonsense about the my Corsair memory burning out my integrated memory controller because the speed and voltages were spec'ed higher so the controller would automatically jump to those values (which I knew he was wrong about, but not 100% sure).


So I called back Corsair tech support just to find out if there was any chance that this could happen. Amazingly enough I got Carlos again and he had basically gave me more information and insight into how the memory worked with the X58 chipset. After dispelling all the bull**** that the Intel rep told me, he helped me out and gave me some bios values that were within safe parameters to run at.


I have had huge problems with overclocking my i7 940 for the last 3 days and now I am finally running stable at 3.61GHz.


There should be more tech support reps like you who strive do the best for patrons of your company. You guys have gained a customer for life.


Thank you Carlos.

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