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Problem with my flash voyager 8 Go


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i encountered some problems with my usb flash voyager 8 Go bought less than 6 month : since yesterday, sometimes, my pc indicates me that there's a usb peripheric not recognized when i plug my key in. I tried on my notebook and it makes it too. I reboot my pc and that time my key was recognized.

But today, at my office, when i plugged my key in, it was recognized but after a long time (about 30 mn) it wasn't recognized anymore. I pulled it out and tried to plug in again and the pc didn't want to recognize it !

As this problem is producing on many different pc i believe it's a problem with the key.

My question is : am i right ?

Could i use the warranty in this case ? If yes : how ?

Thank you all,



P.S :

- OS is win XP Pro (not Vista !) in all tested Pc

- Apologize for my english, i'm french ;-)

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