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Corsair TX750W 750W is defective.

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My Corsair TX750W 750W Power Supply is faulty when used with my computer.

It was working for months until almost a month ago when my system would not boot up anymore. ( error CPU INIT) or 1 long beep.

I believe the problem originated with the Eatx 12 v, connection. It did not spin the CPU fan, and the computer did not boot. But other fans worked. Until finally it did not work anymore.

Upon testing (1 continuous beep) the problem was narrowed down to power supply, CPU, or RAM. All components worked as I do work for a computer firm and had the parts to test.

I RMA the motherboard, and one by one swapped my parts from another socket 775 PC that I own,

We swapped out RAM which was found to be working, motherboard- also working, CPU also working; the culprit was the power supply.


Is my power supply still under warranty?

Can I RMA it?

How do I get an RMA number and instructions to get me working again?


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