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HX620 enough Power for Core I7/GTX 285 SLI


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Hi there!


My system draws around 420W including my Screen (24" HP w2408h).


A second GTX 285 would not draw that much, that I must change my PSU wouldn´t it?


Rampage II Extreme

I7 @4,2GHz 1,44V Vcore

6GB Dominator 1600Mhz (3x2GB modules)

2 Laing DDC-Pumps

1 Fan Controller incl. Display

1 DVD-burner

1 HDD 500GB Samsung Spinpoint

9 Fans Yate-Loon 120mm


Thank you for your help.



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Well corsair's PSU calculator recommends 1000w for duel 285s with an i7, that said your monitor isn't normally run by the computer's PSU, so that's not really a factor unless you run into limits with the max your household circuit can handle. (normally with a Circuit breaker that will trip at about 1800w (15 amp) or 2400w (20 amp) in the US with up to date wiring)


All that said, is 420w what your system draws under load? in any case I'd go with at least 750w for duel 285s and a highly OCed i7, I can see that with a 620w that under load it might be too much for it to handle.


Also are you planning on OCing your graphics card too? That'll increase power demand as well, and sense your CPU is so highly OCed you might as well OC your cards a little too.


Personally, I'd go with an 850w for lots of OCing room and overhead, or if you want all that and a PSU that will last a LONG time with lots of upgrade room, the 1000w (though it does cost a fair bit more).


so in short, I wouldn't go SLI 285s with a 620w PSU, I'd want a 750w Min, 850 for the most bang for your buck, and 1000 if you want really good OCing room, Overhead, and longivity (as PSU slowly lose there output over the years)


In really short form, my recommendations:

620w: not recommend at all

750w: yes

850w: Very good

1000w: Possibly Overkill.

Over 1000w: don't even bother, triple+ graphics cards only

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Well I have a measure-tool for the wattage and my Monitor i also plugged into this, that is why I told the whole Wattage. So without the monitor I should be around 400W I think.


Hm so a HX620 should not be enough.


Didn´t think, that one GTX 285 can draw that much.

The Manufacturere alwas state more consumption, than in fact the products draw.


OC in SLI is not necessary I think. I do not run more than 1920 x 1200.

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3dmark Vantage was at Average 337W Jane Nash and the spaceship. With physx (airplanes) it raised for a little second to 406W but Average was at 360-377W.


So the higehst Peak was 406. The GTX 285 ran at 792/1620/1450, the I7 was @4,2Ghz (1,44V Vcore) QPI@1,35V


Even Crysis Warhead at 1920 x 1200 ran at 360-370W


Would a second GTX really need more than 220W?

Do I really have to change PSU before buying the GTX 285?

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Hey guys,


it´s working fine!

Still below 600W with my 2 GTX 285 and the I7. But this Power supply is amazing anyways. The best I ever had. ;):


Thanks for the update, glad to hear everything worked out!

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Yep, I also requested the 2x Y-Splitter PCI-Express Cables for the HX620 and they are sent out to me. When I have these cables, I will not need these adapters (2x4-pin Molex to 1x6-pin PCIe) anymore :)
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