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Overclocking 4-Dimm Configuration

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Greeting, thread title says it all.


I'm rather experienced with overclocking. However, I have never before had the need for a 4-dimm configuration but thought I'd give it a shot.


First off, no, I did not buy a quad matched set. Second, yes, I know how well it will work will be somewhat random, and that it is in no way guranteed. That being said I'd like to hear some experience chime in on any setting I can tweak to get the best possible experience out of my rig.


(By the way I am using 2 sets of TW3X4G1600C9DHX)


At the moment I have my rig (should have all the specs in my info) running at 425 FSB and a 3:5 FSB:DRAM ratio.


This gives me 3.6Ghz on the CPU end, with an effective DDR3 1417.


Runs butter smooth with great temps through some Linepack and a day or so of P95.


That of course being said.. I'd LOVE to be able to get that ram a bit higher :D. Any tips on some settings?


Frankly, I'm not entirely sure what keeps the RAM from being able to run at its "stock" 2dimm settings. I'm almost certain it is limited by the Northbridge voltage (which is only a hair above "normal") but may infact be held back by Vdimm (which is at 1.9, that being "stock" for a 2-dimm config). Timings are 9-9-9-24, again stock for 2dimm. With only 2dimm I can easily achieve ddr3 1700 on this ram (that is well beyond the realm of possible for 4dimm I'm sure). I'm not entirely sure which would achieve better performance either.. 400FSB at a 1:2 FSB:Dram (Even at 400 it was chalenging to imposible to get a post with 1:2), or what I have now at 3:5. Unless I can really blast the ram up I'll have to slow the CPU, which is fine, lookign for oppinions as to which gives better overall perfomance from you guys experience.


If anyone has had sucess getting the buggers a bit faster let me know. I'm not dissapointed with the speeds I have achieved thus far.. but hey, what kind of "enthusiast" would I be if I didnt want more :D



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You're doing pretty well with four dimms of 8gb already. I was only able to get 1500Mhz with 8GB of 1600C7 X 4 and there was the occasional blue screen unless I dropped it to 1400Mhz.


At this level, there's no hard and fast rules regarding overclocking of memory. There's a point of diminishing returns and after 1:1 the return is barely 5% at best and 0 at worst, so the chances of damaging the memory controller to get theoretical bandwidth is not a move I would personally make.

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