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Bad Bloacks Survivor 8gb GT


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I have a problem occurred with the Corsair Survivor 8GB GT. There are BAD blocks. Utility SMI Mass Production Tool was able to remove them. But, turned producer with Corsair in SMI, the rate became lower and and LED blink continuously. With the help of a program, can I change the information to the controller.


Sorry for bad English. I helped Google Translate.


У меня случилась проблема с Corsair Survivor 8GB GT. Появились BAD блоки. Утилитой SMI Mass Production Tool удалось их убрать. Но, сменился производитель с Corsair, на SMI, скорость стала ниже и лампочка постоянно моргать стала. Можно ли прошить контроллер?


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I downloaded the latest version of this utility. (SMI mass Production Tool) and changed the Vendor name to Corsair.


Speed reading / writing of information has become higher. And the volume has increased. It was 7.8 GB, and 8 became exactly.


Screenshot attached.


Help me please to restore my flash


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  • Corsair Employees

Just use the default settings on the SD Card format tool and I am sorry but the SMI tool is not supported by us.

And by using that tool you may have VIODED the warranty. Where did you purchase this drive by the way?

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