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Very Happy with Corsair RMA Process

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Can't compliment Corsair enough on their return policy!!


I bought 2GB of Corsair memory from Newegg.com for my Dell 4600 that was recommended on Dell's customer service website and confirmed by Newegg's memory selector as the right stuff. It was TWINX2048-3200C2PT and had a $25 rebate offer -- from Corsair. I was so certain it would work that I sent in the rebate request before even trying the memory in my system -- my mistake. When I couldn't boot my machine, even after trying the new memory in multiple slot configurations, I checked with Newegg to see if they had any recommendations. I looked at user reviews about the specific memory I bought and saw a customer had posted a comment that it is not compatible with my machine. I then contacted Newegg about a refund. Because I had already removed the UPC code to request the rebate, they wouldn't accept the memory back. They suggested I contact Corsair for help. Good corporate responsibility on Newegg's part, I thought, and figured I had just blown $75 to learn one of life's hard knock lessons.


Though I didn't expect much, I contacted Corsair for assistance. Even after telling them up front that I bought the memory from Newegg, they were more than willing to give me an RMA via e-mail. Knowing that exchanging the memory for the same thing wouldn't solve my problem, and after checking Corsair's recommendations for my PC, I called them about exchanging what I bought for the memory they recommended. When Joann told me that she'd have to check with her supervisor, I doubted I'd be successful. To my surprise and delight, she called me back within a day to inform they would exchange what I bought for a stick of VS1GB333 memory. 2GB for 1GB didn't seem right, so I called her back -- she said they'd give me 2 sticks. I was quite happy with this and mailed my memory with the RMA, expecting it would be a couple of weeks before I'd finally get some satisfaction. Again to my surprise, Corsair mailed me the replacement memory before they even received what I'd mailed them! It's now in the machine and working great.


Did I mention how pleased I am with Corsair's RMA policy? I know this is a long post, but it was necessary to show what a fine corporate citizen Corsair is. Thanks for reading.

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