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Since I have the same problem with the same memory kit and the same MB, i decided not to launch a new thread. I decided to post only after two days of reading the treads devoted to Core I7 problems.

Last Friday I bought an ASUS P6T Deluxe - ver. 1, Core i7 920 and one kit of 1600MHz,TR3X6G1600C9, XMS3.

After assembling the new machine \the memory sticks in the orange slots\ I updated the BIOS to the latest one - 1303. Then I setup manually the memory at 1600MHz 9-9-9-24, QPI 6400. All other values in Bios were left at Auto. I installed Vista SP1 afresh and ran Sisoft Sandra memory test to be pleased by a memory performance of about 27 Gb/S.

Now for the bad thing.

Naturally I launched Prime 95 and it BSODd in just a few seconds. Then I went to Corsair support forums and tried to follow all instructions I found relevant to my case.

1. I tried the XMP way - no luck.

2. I set the memory manually at 9-9-9-24, 2T, 1.66v, QPI - 1.35v, UCLK - 3200 - no luck. Raising QPI to 1.45 did not help either.

3. Keeping the settings mentioned in pt. 2, I lowered the RAM frequency to 1333. Now Prime 95 would BSOD in a few minutes.

4. Finally I lowered RAM frequency to 1066 8-7-7-20, set the voltages at Auto and QPI at 6400. Now I could run Prime 95 for 7 hours without a problem. But this gives me a little satisfaction, as the RAM is working far below its rated frequency:(:

5. I ran Memtest 86+ for 3 hours at 1600MHz without a sinle error. :confused: This would suggest that Memtest is not always capable of discovering memory incompatibilities.

6. I tried to run the mashine with only two sticks at 1600 - Prime 95 would BSOD almost instantly.

7. I tried the black RAM slots - the mashine would not even post at 1600 MHz.

8. I tierd to reseat the CPU, also looked for bent socket pins. This also failed to yield any result.

I don't know what else I can do. Formally, the memory is OK. In reality, though, it fails to work in my setup even at 1333 MHz, let alone 1600MHz at which it is rated by Corsair.

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Thanks alot, Wired.

I have done some online research. Now I realize that the main "culprit" is probably the CPU itself. Its memory controller is officially rated for maximum DDR3-1066. Some lucky parts may run at 1333 or 1600, but this is considered an overclock which may work or fail. Since my CPU is not among the lucky ones, I will have to stick with DDR3 1066 hoping to attain some lower latencies.

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