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Bad memory; Question

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So I purchased my Corsair ValueSelect ram on March 17 of this year for my laptop. Upon installing the memory I began having problems with my laptop bluescreening.


So I ran a few tests. First I ran was checkdisk twice. Neither time were there errors with the hard drive. Second test I ran was on the memory. Memtest ran twice and got zilch back. Then I decide just to reinstall Windows Vista and also upgrade from 32bit to 64bit and see if that fixes it. Second time turning on the computer after installing it, it blue screened.


So lastly I decided to swap out the ram for my old ones. I've been running this for a week without a single blue screen. What should I do about this? If I send this back to Corsair will they test it, see it throw back no errors, then send me the same thing back? Lastly is there a shipping cost to send in memory under warranty?


Thank You.

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So last night I was working on my laptop running my old ram and it bluescreened on me for the first time with my old ram.


I guess that rules out the memory. I ran checkdisk again after putting in the new Corsair memory and it didn't come back with any bad sectors. So I'm lost, I don't know what else to check. I'm reinstalling windows vista again because it's going into a loop with bluescreen and won't even start anymore.


I forgot what file was giving the error, it was NT....sys. I know it started with NT and the extension was *.sys.


So the next thing I'm thinking about doing is just upgrading my hard drive. It's only an 80gb and I've been meaning to get something larger so I guess this might be the time to do it.


By the way the laptop is an HP DV6500t if that's any help. Thanks!


I've thought about going with linux but a few of the programs I'm running won't work on linux, and I don't want to have to run them through WINE.

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  • Corsair Employees

I would check to see if there are any BIOS updates available for your system, and then try the following:


1. Remove all RAM

2. Power on system

3. Let it run for 20-30 seconds(system may power off prior to 20secs)

4. Remove battery and AC(to insure power is off)

5. Only install the Corsair RAM

6. Check if system is stable


This should at least make sure that the settings are being loaded correctly by the system. Also, whats the part number of the memory you have (should start with VS)?

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