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Defective RAM: CM2X1024-6400

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Hey Ramguy,

I've been using Corsair RAM ever since I built my PC in July '06. I started off with a 1GB stick for approx 1 year, and during that year I received BSOD's about twice a week, which I learned to ignore. I added another stick in around Xmas 07' and still the BSOD's persisted. Basically I've been ignoring BSOD's for 2 years and decided to figure out what the problem was. After weeks of troubleshooting, removing components and doing every test I could, I determined that it was my first stick of RAM which has been defective all along. I've been running on the newer stick of RAM for about 4 weeks straight without one BSOD and my computer has been up 24/7. If you have any other suggestions as to what it may be besides the RAM, please tell me, but I'm 99% positive it is the RAM at this point, and that is why I'm posting here before I can hopefully request an RMA.



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