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Very odd HX-1000 issue


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My HX-1000 is emitting a very low cycle hum type noise.


The psu works absolutely fantastic with no issues. It appearers to have very stable, consistent voltages reported in bios, as well as software solutions.


I have had the psu since around 9/23/2008. I noticed the issue right away, but decided that it must just be the fact it is a very powerful psu. At first, it was powering a 680i based system, but the parts have been upgraded in the same case.


The low cycle hum appears to be getting worse. It comes in inconsistent waves now that get much louder for about 30 seconds or so, then seem to subside for a bit, then back to loud again.


This is very bizarre to me, and annoying to hear when I use the PC. Is this just normal for this psu? I did have another manufacturers 750W 60A single rail psu on the 680i at one time, on the same exact circut that the HX-1000 is on now. It did not have the hum. That still can not rule out the circut. I could run a dedicated 20A grounded circut to this computer, but before I get that extreme I would like to see if anyone from Corsair has even heard of this issue before.


I use silicone pads under the feet of my case to try and help prevent transferring the vibration to the shelf my PC sits on. It really helped for the constant hum, but the wave of hums get through the pads now.


If this is something that can be fixed by replacing the psu, does corsair offer a cross ship type rma, so I don't have to be down a system?




PS. You may notice some parts are on water. It is not the pump causing this. The psu made this noise long before any water cooling was installed in my case. My pump is dead silent. I use a Petra's Tech gel stuff pad under the pump, which is a Laing DDC-3.2

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