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+12v problem


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Hi RAM GUY! (or anyone in here :D:)


i checked the bios health management and it's show my +12v is not stable and is always changing between 11.776-11.840 value. it is normal or not?


sory if this is a noob question :p:

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sorry if i'm starting this old thread again, but i'm just read some review about HX620 and i found that all of their's (reviewer) HX620 has maximum voltage fluctuation just somewhere between 0.01v-0.02v. Looking to my case, it seems a bit too much isn't? (0.064v)


some link to the article :






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As long as the 12v rail on the PSU stays within 11.4v-12.6v, then the PSU is within the ATX spec (5%) and there should be nothing to worry about. Not all PSUs will have the same amount of voltage fluctuation and the same PSU could have different amounts of fluctuation depending on the system its powering. Also keep in mind that if you are using software or the BIOS to measure the voltages then you are measuring the voltage after its been regulated by the motherboard, and not the voltage of the PSU itself. You would need to use a multimeter to get an accurate reading of the PSU voltages.
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