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Flash Voyager 8GB going back and forth

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I bought a Corsair Flash Voyager approx 4 months ago and I am having some problems with it. I was using it as a bootable device for some time and one day it did not boot. I could not make it bootable afterwards. I started to use it as a regular flash drive. One day I tried to copy a file to it but I could not. I tried on several computers but it did not acept tthe new file.


Then I formatted the drive once again and tried to use as a bootable device again and then it worked without any problem this time. I was going to send it to warranty but I wanted to make sure before I send it. I just do not want you to send my drive back to me. What should I do best to test the drive?


PS: I applied scandisk on Windows and it could not find a problem. By the way while sending a file it starts with 18MB/s then drops to 2 MB/sec through the end of the file( Like sending a 2 gig file I experience this for the last 1.5 gig Should I send it to you for replacement ?

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