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Asus P5LD2-VM questions


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1st. question:

I have searched for compatible RAM with the memory configurator, and there are several suggestions - the first being VS4GBKIT667D2, a kit of 2 2Gb modules.

However, the manual says that the maximum supported module size is 1Gb. Is the manual outdated, or is the memory configurator wrong?


Thanks, cdl

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2nd . question:


The manual also states that

- this motherboard does not support memory made up of 128Mb chips or double sided x16 modules.


I am looking to buy 4 1Gb modules - most of them seem to be made up of 128Mx64bit chips - how can I make sure that the module I purchase will not violate those rules?


Or is the manual just outdated?


thanks, cdl

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I am sorry but if that is the case we may not offer memory for that MB but I am pretty sure that means you cannot use 128m X 16 Memory IC's which we do not use. All our modules are made with 128 M X 8 IC's and VS1GB667D2 would be or could be made with either 128M X8 IC's (Single Rank) or 64M X 8 IC's (Double Rank) and I am sorry there would not be any way to specify which one.
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Thanks for the reply...

Maybe if someone who has 1Gb modules functioning in this Mobo can post exactly what modules they are using...?


The 128Mb chips limitation sounds really odd. I would assume that the i945G chipset would be descisive of what modules the board supports - shouldn't it support anything the chipset can handle?


I have attachend the relevant sections from the manual - don't know if it's any help verifying whether it's 128Mx16 chips that are not supported, or what.






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Tested now with 4pcs. 1Gb modules of the type:


128M x 64-bit (1GB) DDR2-667 CL5 composed of

sixteen 64M x 8-bit (16M x 8-bit x 4 Bank) DDR2-667 SDRAM in

FBGA @ 1.8V




and it WORKS:biggrin:, detecting the expected 3.1Gb or so of RAM. So the configurator is right - although I don't know if I'd dare buy 2Gb modules.


Thanks a lot for your help, guys :D:



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  • 1 year later...

I am in a similar situation with a 945 motherboard from Intel, however the issue is that upon trying to upgrade my SDRAM from 1GB to 3GB by adding 2 x 1GB modules to the exisiting 2 x 512MB I discovered that the second memory channel doesn't seem to work properly.


All the DIMMS work fine in the first channel, but if I add DIMMS to the second they dont detect and Windows won't boot, although I can get into the BIOS.


If I only put modules in the second (presumably defect channel) they list in the bios as the correct quantity, but with "???" in the configuration descriptors. Really strange. I have inspected the slots carefully, cleaned with compressed air and seated and reseated the memory in every configuration possible to no avail. There doesn't seem to be any BIOS configuration options which may be the cuase either. I have to assume that the problem lies with the motherboard itself.


So alas, my only hope for a 4GB configuration seems to be to purchase dual 2GB modules, however the Memory configuration info at Intels web site states that the modules must be 2GB Double Sided [1 Gbit 128 M x 8/128 M x 8, 16 SDRAM devices]


I guess this means 8 x 128MB chips per side of the double sided module, making 16 chips total.


Unfortunately I am unable to find modules that are that specific as to their makeup. If there is a DDR2-667 set of 2GB modules out there that match this requirement I would like to know.


Furthermore this would appear to be an issue with 945 chipset motherboards from many manufacturers.

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