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Looking at 1000HX to fix my squealing issues


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Hi everyone,


I recently built an i7 watercooling system which is around my 7th machine build.

I reused my GTX280 from my previous build and bought a second to SLI.


I have heard of but never experienced first hand the squealing/whining noise that i've seen reported.


The noise was not coming from the GTX280 it was coming from the PSU i also removed one card and ran the GTX280 from my old machine which didnt generate the noise before.

This card still squealed away at the stalker menu.


Anyway i've always bought Zalman 850W PSU unit's but i got this horrid squealing from it.

I've sent it back for an RMA and will keep it as a spare.


Im looking at buying the 1000HX everyone says corsair is heavenly built.


Im hoping for two things a bigger unit will hopefully get rid of the issue or a better made unit.


Anyone having this same squealing issue with the 1000HX and GTX280's ?

I could see issues around with some corsair TX units im hoping the HX doesn't fall ill to the same issues.


Anyone who is experiencing the issue should also note that its not just a squeal you hear its doing something additional.

If you listen to the squeal you will hear a brief pause, if you watch the screen closely you will also see a few FPS drop on your graphics.

I ran some folding and noticed frequent pauses every 10 seconds.

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Are you able to duplicate the same issues if you boot up into safe mode? Also, have you tried some of the suggestions from this thread?


There are a lot of possibly reasons why you would get a buzzing sound from the PSU, and its not always caused by the PSU itself.

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While I was browsing around HardOCP's power related forum the other day I found some confirmation that the psu squealing is usually caused by out of spec capacitors on the video card.






Unfortunately the issue is difficult to deal with, rma'ing the video card or psu is unlikely to fix the issue. Some PSU topologies squeal less, probably due to the manufacturer putting more "goop" all over the electronics. I've heard that the seasonic PSU's tend towards more squealing, when this GPU issue is present. Good for squeal but probably not so great for reliability (overheating concerns). Switching to a different video card/board layout may fix the problem, but there's no guarantee of it.

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It if was the GPU it would have been squealing in my old machine for 5 months.

It never made one noise.


The only things that have changed is the PSU the I7 mobo,processor,memory.


The fact that disabling the power saving fixes the mouse scroll squeals and other squeals im not even looking at the GPU it cant be the graphics card if it didnt do it before.


the only true way i can test this is the 1000HX i believe the bag allows me to connect two 8 pin and two 6 pin connectors into V2.

Maybe at high loads the GPU voltage on the rail is causing all these extra VRD's they threw on the mobo to create feedback and thats what we hear.


The fact a motherboard power management change can fix part of the noise seems to lead down the path the mobo plays some kind of role in this.


Maybe if the whole system is on V1 and the graphics cards are completely on V2 it will go away.


I take it these 6 and 8 pin connectors in the box could be plugged completely into V2 ?

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It's probably a similar feedback issue like they were discussing in the links, except motherboard related instead of the GPU. No way to know if the rail splitting will fix it unless someone else has the exact same setup. Corsair's warranty is great, but they can't do refunds, only replacements for defective PSU's. If it's not defective an RMA will just net you another squealing but perfectly functional powersupply. Your best bet is to find a vendor with a good refund/return policy on the HX1000, and try it out for yourself.
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i love you corsair the problem is completely gone. :)

SLI GTX280's one on each V12+ works like a treat.


A friend brought over his rig and put this PSU in and his problems went away as well.

He's going out and putting a Corsair HX1000 in as well.


Zalman PSU's appear to be completely rubbish.

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