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Physical label differs from SPD

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I have two 1Gb dominator modules that have a sticker on them saying this:


CM2X1024-8500C5D v2.3 2.15V 5-5-5-15


But the SPD for them through CPU-Z says this:




Looking up this part it seems to be different from the label.


So what is the deal here - what part do I have and if it is incorrect for the label can I get it exchanged by corsair for the correct part I thought I was buying? I am having problems mixing this part with two other CM2X1024-8500C5D modules I have (which report this part no in the SPD as well)

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Cheers for that! I have filled out the online form.


I am in New Zealand so I hope it can be done locally.


I want to be able to get identical parts to the two I have already (which is what I thought I was getting). Namely:








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