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PC not booting with new 650TX


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Hi, I just bought a corsair 650TX and installed it. However, when I hit the switch, nothing happens, except that the motherboard power led comes on, besides that, there is no response from anything. Fans, hdd's, optical disks etc show no response. After reading a few threads I tried the paperclip trick, but nothing happens, the PSU fan does not turn on, neither does the load, I connected one case fan. I read my motherboard's specs, and it says its compatible with ATX 12v 2.0 power supplies, whereas the corsair 650TX is ATX 12v 2.2, is that the problem? But regardless of that, shouldn't the paperclip trick work? Is my PSU DOA? Please give me some advice, I've run out of all sorts of dinky experiments and permutation combinations of sockets, loads, and wires... Thanks in advance.
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