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HX620W restart on boot sometimes and freezes


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I'm having problems lately with my HX620, first of all if it boots ok and i move my mouse there is a high pitching/squeezing sound coming right out of the psu. It didn't happend before though and its gotten worse by the time. Then a few months later i get this random freezes and cold boot issues, as example restarting on boot up. So i thought instantely it was the cpu or the memory but that can't be, cause i was running everything fine in the beginning until now. I did al the tests before like Occt,Memtest and Orthos all error free.


So i swapped the HX620W out, and replaced it with a Hiper580W when i was done. The Hiper boots ok and i tried 10 times of cold booting seeing if its getting a freeze or restart, no problem whatsoever:bigeyes: with the HX620 i was getting a restart or a freeze sometimes mostly 4 out of 5 times when try to boot.



Should i ask for a RMA ?

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