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Flash Voyager 8Gb - Files disappearing from folders


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I have an 8Gb flash voyager and recently I find that folders that previously had files in them are now empty. I first noticed several weeks ago that a folder that I recently added a file to was completely empty. I was able to copy the files back from my old 4Gb flash voyager and one of my computers.

Today I have found another folder that is completely empty on the 8Gb flash voyager, there were several files and sub-folders there before and infact I had used them recently however now the folder is empty. The 8Gb flash voyager is used in quite a few different computers as I visit different offices as part of my work. Is this a common thing to have files just disappear of one of these drives? The drive is about 2 years old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to add that no-one else has access to this flash drive so the possibility of someone deleting the files is nil.

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