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Coupls of queries about 64GB Flash Voyager.

James Cree

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Hello all. :-)


I have just bought a 64GB Flash Voyager (my 5th Flash Voyager, all great) and have a couple of questions:


1) Unlike all my other Flash Voyagers, my 64GB one doesn't have the capacity embossed on the little LED. Is this indicative of a 'clone' or are they all like this?


2) I have formatted the aforementioned drive to FAT32 with 8KB allocation units. Is this too small for the allocation units on this drive?

I have read somewhere that you shouldn't go smaller than the 'block size' of the drive (after I'd done it) and I also read that the block size of this particular one is 16KB.


I don't know very much about allocation sizes and things but I'd heard that it's better to keep them small if you have lots of small files - that's me.


Thanks for any help. :-)

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That is the utility I used.

I found it through one of your previous posts (before I was registered).

Thanks for that. :-)


I guess what I'm really asking is: Could there be any detremental effects to me using 8KB allocation units with this drive?


I looked at my other Flash Voyagers using chkdsk before I did this and they were all different sizes (the 8GB Voyager was ready formatted with 8KB allocation units) but they are obviously a lot smaller than the drive in question.


I would like to keep them small as my 64GB houses tens of thousands of tiny files and the space wastage would be considerable if I stuck with 32KB allocation units.



Thanks again for the quick response. :-)




Am I needlessly worrying about the lack of the capacity embossed on the LED? Is this normal for this model?

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  • Corsair Employees

You can use any cluster size you want but it may not perform as fast as it could.

And as far as I remember we have always stamped the size in code on the USB connector like G08G would be an 8 Gig Flash Voyager.

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