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TX 650 and WD SATA drive


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Several people had suggested that my ongoing comp probs may be PSU related. So...Two weeks ago I picked up one of these. The packaging is cool and the install was uneventful. HOWEVER! (you knew there was a however didn't you!) I also purchased a WD Caviar green 1TB HDD at the same time.


Now I can only see half my installed memory at POST and in windows and the WD HDD is visible in BIOS and POST but not in windows! I've been in and out of BIOS so many times and nothing has helped. In frustration, I reinstalled my old (but not dead) PSU and, using a molex to SATA power adapter (the old PSU has only two SATA power and I now have 3 SATA drives), VIOLA! I have a new 1TB HDD! I was , finally, able to format and partition the drive. I still have the problem of only half my installed memory (which does register in BIOS). Rebooting several times to insure consistency.


I then put the TX 650 back in and, guess what? NO DRIVE! I switched SATA connectors (this thing has 8!) and no joy. I then used the same molex to SATA adaptor I had used with the old PSU and still can't see the drive!

At this point I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be.


Any suggestions?



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I don't know why it wouldn't. Hence the questions.




It's a 20 pin + 4 pin 12V ATX


The ATX standard has changed somewhat since the release of the socket 939 CPUs and motherboards. Please check with the manufacturer and see what specific revision of the ATX spec this board complies with.

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I contacted ASRock and they seemed confused about what version I was requesting. They sent me three kinks to PSU's they recommended. One (like the newegg listing for the TX650) did not list a version number. One was listed as v2.2, and the other v2.3.


I have another wrinkle: When I first booted up this evening, everything was working. I was able to see and access my WD SATA drive. To check, I rebooted (twice so far) and the WD HD is missing again.

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