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Flash Voyager 16GB no activity light, not detected by OS


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My Flash Voyager 16GB drive stopped working the other day, I had plugged it into my Macbook, it lit up and showed up on the desktop, then the light went out and it disappeared from the desktop. Mac OS gave a message that I had disconnected the drive, even though I had not touched it and it was still plugged in.


I tried removing it and plugging it in again, but the light wont come on and it is not detected by my computer.


I'm wondering if I can get this replaced under warranty, and ALSO, is there any way to recover data that is on the flash drive?? I have a whole semester of school work on this thing and a lot of it is not backed up anywhere else. Ive learned my lesson now, but I would *really* like to get the data off of this drive :[pouts:

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