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Flash Voyager GT 8G kicked the bucket


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I purchased this drive, model # CMFUSB2.0-8GBGT, to have a copy of Firefox and other programs, from PortableApps.com, that I use regularly at work and home. So there is a decent amount of read/write to the drive.


A few days ago I was surfing the web and suddenly XP reported that my flash drive has malfunctioned and stopped working.


As soon as this happened I unplugged the drive, reinserted it and started backing up my data. Had to repeat this process several times to get the most important data. Eventually XP just stopped recognizing that I plugged it in at all. Have plugged it into several machines, two XP, one Vista and one Linux. All fail to see the device.


I was extremely happy with the device until this happened. I recommended it to several friends. Any ideas? Can I quote Monty Pythons Parrot sketch and just use my drive instead of a parrot? ;):

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