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Fried My Optical Drives


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I just installed a HX520W yesterday to replace a still functioning but old and maxed out Antec 430w. I had requested and received additional 4 pin molex connectors as I'm still using an AGP card that needs 2 (ATI 1950 Pro) and my two SATA drives have the WD connector that blocks the SATA power so I use the molex plus I have three optical drives. Anyway, I had everything connected and checked twice. I fired up the PC and immediately there was smoke and smell from the area around the first optical drive. After shutting down and inspection I couldn't see what the problem was. The "string" of connectors on this circuit was the 4 molex with 1 floppy that connects to the PSU using one of the two connections for what I assume is normally used for PCI-e devices. All other runs of connectors are using the longer/thinner connection on the PSU. Excuse my terminology, I'm not a technician. So the devices on this connection string were 3 optical drives, 1 floppy and a ZIP drive (no comments, it has its uses) and a case fan using a pass through connector. All these devices have been is use for years and were functioning up until swapping the PSU. I disconnected the pass through fan, made sure of proper connections and tried again. No smoke but the drives were "tweaked". They were powered but wouldn't open, one had a access light stuck on and Windows didn't see them. Moved the power string over to the other like connection at the PSU, same result. Pulled out another cable string and used one of the available long/thin circuit and had to troubleshoot the drives. One optical drive worked the other 2 are fried. So is the floppy and Zip. Tested using old optical drives laying around. So the result is dead drives and either a bad cable or a bad PSU. I can't imagine that I connected anything wrong to cause this. The 4 pin molex connectors are rather idiot proof and and I re-checked everything before powering up. I don't have any PCI-e or SATA devices to check if any other the other cables that can attach to those two connections on the PSU work or not. Not willing to risk a hard drive. Is it possible or likely I have a bad cable or PSU?
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