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is it OK to leave 16GB FV plugged in constantly


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I just got my first 16GB Flash Voyager drive and after loading 255 MP3 songs on it, I have it plugged in to a USB port on the rear of my PC via the USB extension cable that came with the drive.


I would like to know if it is okay to leave the 16GB installed at all times, including shutdown and power on?


I am not worried about viruses and such, just concerned that this may lead to premature death of the drive, versus unplugging it before I shutdown every time and then plugging it back in once my PC is up and running.





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NP and just FYI I have seen some systems take a few seconds longer when a flash drive is plugged in to get to the desktop when booting up. I think most of that is a BIOS bug or something in BIOS scanning the drives.
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