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I have a Corsair 1000hx Broken PSU What do I do.

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Well this is what happened. I went to turn on my computer today and The fans Spun for about a half a second and shut down. It keeps doing this everytime. So I went into my case and made sure nothing was shortting my board. Nothing. Then I said hmm I have a thermaltake PSU and I plugged the 24 pins in and my graphics card into that and my computer turns right on. Right now Im waiting for the capacitors in the PSU to go dead and try agian. If I cant get it to work What do I do about getting an RMA For a new one?


Please help me Because im new to these forums..


An update. I did the PSU Paperclip test with a load on it. I had a fan as a load and What happens is the same thing that happens when I turn my computer on with this psu. It turns on for a quarter of a second then turns off and the fans dont spin. But If I take the paper clip and reshort it It does the same thing For a quarter second. From what I can see I need an RMA. Also I Tested the Thermaltake with the Paper Clip test and it works.

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