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one defective CM2X1024-6400C5DHX


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I have a pair of CM2X1024-6400C5DHX chips, of which one is defective. I have tried various combinations, as I also have 2 other corsair chips which are CM2X1024-6400.


The CM2X1024-6400C5DHX chips have massive heatsinks on them (they look monsterous! :D: ) - but one of them doesnt work. When the said ram chip is put into the computer, it doesnt even post. Ive tried with different dim slots, also tried different combinations, taking different ram chips out, swapping slots etc. Anytime the defective chip is in any slot, the computer does not post at all.


Any ideas before i submit an RMA request? Also, do i need to post both the CM2X1024-6400C5DHX chips back, or just the defective one?



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