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Voyager USB not recognised in Linux


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Hi there,


I have just bought three 8GB and two 16GB Flash Voyagers for use in my research organisation's autonomous vessels. These are suffering from the timeout problem described in:




I can get them to be recognised by issuing:

sudo sh -c "echo 15 > /sys/module/scsi_mod/parameters/inq_timeout"


however the flash stick is the primary boot device for our vessels' computers hence this fix can't simply be applied after booting. The system manages to load Grub but then fails to mount the usb device once it boots linux. I have tried passing the suggested boot parameter to the kernel (scsi_mod.inq_timeout=15) but this gives a parameter not recognised error message. (kernel is 2.6.24-23)


Is there a simple fix to this (recompiling the kernel with a patch is not an option here...)? I understand there is a possibility to get these devices replaced with ones that don't have this issue, but then it is unclear how to ensure that future devices we purchase don't have this issue (and otherwise I am quite keen on the Voyager USB sticks).


Thanks a lot for your help!


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