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DET DRAM Dilemma


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I built my machine around June/July of last summer and use 4x 1GB sticks of DD2 Dominator (CM2X1024-8500C5D)


I have not had a sinlge problem in the last 8 months or so. Until recently when my machine started to hang on boot up (the LCD poster via my motherboard kept saying DET DRAM) The power comes on but no video or usb control. When it 1st started a simple forced reboot solved it (1st 2-3 times it happened)


This progressed into a worsening issue. Where one day it refused to start up at all even with reboot.


However, I now know its definitely a ram issue. I stripped down my machine to nothing but the basics (used different video card, basic ram, cpu, video card all that remained)


I was forced to buy a new stick of ram to cure my problem "initially". I bought a 1gb stick of lower end Corsair ram 667mhz as a test stick to hope i could get the machine recovered again. The reason I was forced to do this is once my machine goes into DET DRAM error it tends to stay locked in that state of mind even when I clear CMOS and even yanked the battery for 3 hours and cleared it. (which is odd) Then i switch for the lower end stick of ram and it seems to boot up.. i re-tweak bios.. shut down and toss in my Dominator and it works again.


This is the procedure I have been doing now for the last week to get my machine to work on boot up. Some days it boots fine with no issue and all 4 gigs work fine. Other days... no boot up and DET DRAM... and I got to play the memory swap out game to get it to work again.


I now as of tonight I now 100% believe at least one of my sticks of ram have completely failed (i have isolated which stick it is) In any combination even by itself it gives me the DET DRAM hang up issue. Even after I try memory swap issue with lower speed ram. Any ram slot location.. even when used secondary in dual channel.


The thing that makes this even more confusing is that when I am just using 1 stick at a time for testing the other sticks of ram (not all 4 sticks) I place each of the single stick in slot 1. I tried all 4 sticks one at a time. Only 1 of the 4 sticks allows me to boot up without DET DRAM error (now i no longer need the low end ram i isolated 1 reliable stick)... all 3 other sticks give me det dram when used in slot 1....which would make me think the other 3 are bad.


However, the place this becomes confusing is that when I use my 1 good stick in slot 1...and test the other sticks in slot 3 (for dual channel). The machine works fine no problem. (not counting the 1 failed stick which gives me det dram in any combination or location) Which means I have 1 100% good stick.. 2 sticks in question that only work as a secondary stick in dual channel.. and 1 100% failed stick. Whats going on here? Why did all this start out of no where?


Do I have 3 bad sticks? or 1 Bad Stick? All i know is 1 of my sticks is definitely down for the count I cant make it work at all.


I have not tried memtest86 yet I will try to do that tonight or tomorrow after I get some work done. I can only run 2GB's at a time now (wont let me run 3x 1gb sticks cause of dual channel) The 4th stick is failed in any combination now so its untestable in memtest86. I will test out those 2 iffy sticks in memtest86 though.


Whats my next step? Please advise.


PS: I have tried newest bios back when I 1st started getting this problem and it didn't seem to help me. Just to be safe I went back to older bios and got same results too so this is a worsening ram issue and I don't think its related to bios revision.

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HEY XD, i have had the same issue wth just two 1gb sticks of ram.

Have managed to run memtest on one of the sticks and it has passed, but the other stick will not even let the pc post det dram, same as above.

Now, i have put the one working stick in, and when i set it manually in the bios to unlinked and push it from 800 mhz and auto volts to 1066 mhz and 2.1 volts, it posts and starts loading windows, but then bsod and wont boot into windows.

I have requested an rma, should the one remaining stick work at 1066 mhz at 2.1v on its own ?

When i rma it , i hope htere is somewhere in the uk to rma it ?


mobo im using is striker exteme with bios 1401, other specs listed in my profile or sig, where ever it puts it when u register.


(thought id post in here as its the same issue, rather than start a new thread)


any help or advice is aprreciated thanks BudGie

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