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Disk full error - Voyager 8GB


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Hello there,


I'm trying to move a video file from my PC to my PS3. It's 4.55GB and it will not fit onto my empty 8GB Voyager - why not? Annoyingly, it's too big to fit on a DVD-RW.


I've tried the suggestion in the FAQ of creating a folder but seeing as this is only one file, rather than many, it does not help. I've also tried reformatting my drive (FAT32) - no luck.


Does anyone have any advice? Preferably not including the re-encoding of the video. I shouldn't have to do that.


Thanks in advance.

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That is a file limitation of the Fat32 File system, and as Wired suggested you would need to format the drive to NTFS to copy large files to the drive. And you will need to change the drive properties to Optimized for Performance and then you will be able to format the drive to NTFS.
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Thanks for the replies, guys. I came back here to answer my own question but I see you've done most of it for me.


Yes, FAT32 has a file limitation of up to 4GB, and my file is 4.55GB, so it's a no go. I just wish it was as easy as formatting my Voyager to NTFS, but PS3's can only read from a FAT32 file structure. What the hell were Sony thinking in a HD media age where many files are going to be way over 4GB?!


So I'm stuck with having to split any files over 4GB in to smaller parts to transfer them over to the PS3 until Sony get their thumbs out and address the issue in a future firmware release. I now remember why I defected away from their proprietary connections and insufficient media a while ago. They are getting as bad as Nintendo :evil:


Saying that, the PS3 is a great gaming system and BluRay player - this is probably the only limitation (that I've found so far).


Anyway, I'm veering way off-topic. I'm glad that my trusty Voyager is okay and it will serve me well now that I'm armed with all of the facts.


Thanks again for the help :biggrin:

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