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HX 1000 Cold Boot Issue


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Hey guys,

Well I'm at my wits end trying to figure this issue out. Rig has been up n running for a couple of months and their has been an ongoing problem that I have tried (without success) to pinpoint.

The Rig runs great, no BSOD's, no Crashes or Hard Locks at all. The problem is when I go to Start up after it has been shut off for anywhere from a few hours to overnight, it doesn't "start-up" correctly. This problem is completely intermittent, sometimes it displays the problem, other times it is fine.

In short: After the Rig has been powered off for a period of time, I'll hit the Power button to boot up, fans will immediately spin up, LED's on Mobo are lit up, Optical Drive LED's flash briefly, however, the Power indicator LED on the front of the case does not lite up, at this point with that LED not lighting up I know it will not Post.

In order to correct:

1. Sometimes by holding in the Power button until the system powers off and then powering up again will correct this and result in a proper power up and Post

2. If that first procedure does not owrk I will repeat it and it may power up and Post correctly.

3. In the event that by repeatedly trying to power up does not work, one method that is guarentted to work is to switch off power to the Mobo at the PSU for about 5 sec, then switch the poer switch back on the PSU, this will generally result in a proper power up and Post.



1. Completely intermittent

2. Happens whether the CPU is Overclocked or at Stock

3. Have tried numerous different settings in the BIOS to try and correct.

4. BIOS has been updated to latest.

5. Even when the Rig is Overclocked, numerous stress tests have resulted in 100% stability, problem is only during the start-up.

6. Powering off the Mobo at the PSU switch and powering back up by turning on the PSU switch will result in a proper power up sequence and Post.


I have read a few Threads of other with this same issue.....very difficult to narrow down as it is intermittent. Although it could be the Mobo, it is rock solid when running.

The PSU does not present any problems at all to the Rig while it is running, only during this initial Power up phase, hence I suspect the PSU.

At this point it would be easiest to replace the PSU with new.

Please advise.



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  • Corsair Employees

At this point it is going to be difficult to isolate the problem unless you can start swapping components. I would try testing both the video card and PSU in a different system and see if you can duplicate the same issues, however if that is not an option we can try replacing the PSU for you.


You can use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”


From what you describe I would probably suspect the video card or motherboard as a more likely cause of the problem, since the PSU is turning on consistently and staying on.

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I get the same thing, it goes away when I only run 2 sticks of ram(Corsair 1GB DHX) When four sticks installed it does it. So dunno if it's my board or the ram. Vista Memory tester came up fine and nothing wrong in desktop, only on cold boot. So try 1 stick of ram.
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I have a very similar problem with my HX520. I had this problem when I first built the computer, then it went away, seemingly on its own. A few months ago, my PSU fried on a start up, I temporarily put in another PSU (diff manufacturer) while my Corsair was being RMA'd. I had no problems with that PSU. When I got the Corsair back, I put it back into my comp and the problem is here again. Like the OP, I usually just have to power off then on again (sometimes several times) before I get a good boot. Otherwise, the system powers up, fans spin at full blast, no warning beeps...but video does not initialize and I do not get a POST. I'll try removing a stick of RAM (I have Corsair RAM too) and see how that goes...but I hate to turn off the comp as it takes 10 min sometimes to get it back.


This appears to be a problem just with Abit IP35-E motherboards...I first described in this post:http://www.asktheramguy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64055 Apparently, no specific problem was ever identified, despite some testing on the part of both Corsair and Abit.

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Hi thier,

The Cold Boot issue was addressed by a Corsair Support Member on the Evga Forum a week and a half ago and he advised and expedited my RMA approval at that time.

Anyhow, I'm now out on a Canadian Coast Guard ship and did send the Hx 1kW PSU to Corsair, Fremont Cal with the RMA# 1098462.

Checking my UPS Tracking # 1Z84W W71 68 0158 5512 t appears to have been delivered yesterday 26th March 09.


Could you please email me or Post here confirmation of when the new PSU is shipped out?



Robert Barker

249 Spindrift Rd

Courtenay BC


V9N 9S9

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