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Dell Dimension 8300 won't POST with TWINX2048-3200C2PT


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I bought this TWINX2048-3200C2PT memory based on Newegg's memory finder for a Dimension 8300:




However, I run into two problems, the first being that it doesn't work at all: The main problem is that the system fails POST whenever I have either stick installed in any slot. It makes several long beeps as soon as I plug in the power cord. When I subsequently boot the system with the original memory installed, the BIOS says the last boot failed due to "memory size". (Yeah, that vague.) I'm running the latest A07 BIOS.


Assuming it can be made to work, the other problem is that the memory won't seem to fit in DIMM slot 2 due to the heat spreader. (DIMM slots 2 & 4 are angled about 30 degrees off the board.) Any idea if it can fit there? If not, can I use slots 3 & 4 with no or smaller memory in slots 1 & 2? I have some 2 x 512MB 400MHz CL3 memory; will the performance of the TwinX memory be degraded in that configuration?


Thanks for any help,


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