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Is it the PSU? Computer comes back on after powering off.


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Hey, I've got this unusual problem. My computer doesn't want to stay off. Whether I am in the process of booting the BIOS of the computer and hit the power switch, or if I explicitly select "Hibernate" or "Shutdown" from the Vista menu, it never fails to come back on 3-5 seconds after completely powering down.


In all other regards the system is stable and works fine.


So my question is, could this be a power supply related issue?


Some more information:


  • This is a newly built computer.
  • I've used two motherboards and both have displayed this behavior.
  • I've checked the reset/power connectors on the motherboard and they are properly hooked up.
  • I can power the computer down into a semi-on state by holding the power button down for several seconds. After this, the system power LED will remain lit but it seems to be off.
  • It will remain in the on-off-on cycle until my patience wears thin and I flip the power supply switch off.


Thanks for any advice or insight you might provide into this puzzling behavior!

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This behaviour is typical of a faulty or mis-configured motherboard. Check for a BIOS update and verify that the "Wake on LAN" feature is off.


Thanks for the reply!


The BIOS is up to date and all of the wake features are off. At first I thought it was the motherboard too, but, two different new motherboards displaying the same exact defective behavior?

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