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High Pitched Squeal - PSU Fan doesn't power on


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I purchased the Corsair VX 450 W in September of 2008 for a new system build. Everything worked great until about a week ago.


I attempted to start up my system in the morning and it would not power on. As this can be any number of issues I went through all the usual steps. After 5 minutes of checking power cords and connections I opened the system and took a look at the usual suspects. Eventually, I decided to see if the PSU was supplying juice to the system. The PSU would not power individual components or fans. I worked down to the Power Supply and Motherboard connection and upon testing the PSU emitted a High Decibel Squeal.


Repeated attempts showed no power to any components or the PSU fan and the same high decibel squeal. I sent the Fan back RMA to the site I purchased it from as it was under warranty. 1 week later I received a new Corsair VX 450 W Power Supply in original retail packaging and the new unit produces the same squeal with no movement in the PSU fan or any other components.


Based on the fact the PSU is emitting the squeal and that its fan will not power on when connected properly leads me to conclude that the Corsair PSU is still the issue. Admittedly, I find it hard to believe I could end up with 2 defective units in succession as Corsair products generally have a very good reputation.


I have no old systems to test the PSU on and my only other guess would be that perhaps this is a mother-board issue. If this was I'd assume that PSU fan would simply do nothing or potentially power on a fan.


Why does it squeal?


I'm stuck - Where do I go from here?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Regards -

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I tried the shorting method to test the cpu fan and nothing happened. I have never done this before but I followed as accurately as I could. No clicking, no noise, nothing.


Why does it squeal when connected to the motherboard but no power is provided to the fans or the system?


What do I try next?


Thanks for the help -

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