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OC problem with 2*2048-6400C5

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That's where I used to run my last E8400. 500 X 8 @ 1000Mhz. I set to 2.0v.


E8400 with 2*2048-6400C5

just wanna oc the CPU to 500Mhz*8, wonder how much voltage should be set to this DRAM to get 1:1 ratio, say 1000Mhz for the memory?


Thanks a lot

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When overclocking, there are no hard and fast optimals. You need to test the stream of CPU<--> MCH <--> DRAM to find the best stable marriage. You have 6400C5 modules and many of them do not make 1000Mhz. The 6400C4 modules often make 1000Mhz with 5-5-5-15 so if you make a full bin higher with that lower end memory, you should be happy.


In other words, you have to do the work to find out the sweet spots.


2 sticks mate,

also i wanna know whats the optimal clock setting for these ram?

Thanks a lot for help

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