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One module went bad...


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[sorry for my broken English, since I write you from France...]


I have a computer running since 1 1/2 years. I have buit and maintained it since then, last move was to upgrade the video card to an ATI 4870, like two months ago.


Yesterday night, my computer started showing off "blue screens of death" every time I would try starting it, with errors related to memory problem. Even when I finally decided to format the whole thing and start on a blank OS, the same errors would keep on pop up.


After a few attempts (for instead, swapping for a different blank harddrive), I finally tested the memory modules. Both together, it appeared systematic errors in response for each test step. Then I tried each module separately on various slot of the motherboard. It occured that one was in normal shape, and the other would not work anymore.


I rebuild the computer with the module that still works (I use it to write this message), and I would like to know how to get the broken one replaced.


Don't know if it helps, but a post on the module gives this date : september 2007, and two numbers (serial, part ?) can be read : "717374" & "07320327-0"


Thank you for your help.


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