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reboot (black screen) if DDR3 settle on 1333 Mhz


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Hello has all

here initially my configuration PC:

Case thermaltake m9

Alim to corsair 750 Watt TX

Mother chart X48 Turbo Twins - Bios P1.30

Core 2 Duet E8500

2 X 2 Go (4 Go) DDR3-PC10600 Corsair 9-9-9-24 1,60 volt, worm 2.1 Gainward PCI-E, GTX260

2x500 Go SATA2, 7200 rpm, RAID 0

Engraver DVD IDE LG

Card reader (SD, XD, etc. )

Screen LG Flatron, L1953S

resolution current, 1280x1024 75 Hhz

Windows XP SP3 Sticker

Antivirus Kaspersky 2009,3 stations


Here now my problem:

At the beginning of my purchase, I had left on a mother chart asus P5Q3 Deluxe Wifi AP, with 2x2Go of DDR3-PC10666, CASE 7-7-7-20, Platinium Édition (OCZ). The salesman did not have any and my adviser Asrock X48 Turbo Twins with 2 X 2Go DDR3-PC10600 to corsair 1333 MHz.

I have to specify well with the vendeurr that I wanted Core 2 Duet E8500 has 1333 MHz with DDR3 has 1333 MHZ, to have a good compromise DRAM: FSB. It its proves that at the beginning when I have to connect my PC at home, the 1st thing which I made has was to regulate my DDR3 1333 MHz, which was to regulate in AUTO position in the BIOS and to detect as DDR3 has 1066 MHz.I have thus to regulate it has 1333 MHz, and then I have to start Windows xp. And its at this time, that I have to start has to have reboot random (black screen) as if me even I voluntarily pressed on the button reset of the case.All control one made software level, and the technician has to make me return a pair of time has are store, to replace for test, the graphics card, the disks hard, the CPU, the RAM (it had only ******** 6400) which does not have besides was to accept by the PC.Only the thing which it does not have to replace its mother chart. I said to him at the end of one moment, because that has lasted for approximately 3 months, that according to me, it was the mother chart which not to agree not the DDR3 1333 MHz mark to corsair. Because I am to go to inform me about the site to corsair, and I saw that the mother chart Asrock X48 Turbo Twins, not to accept any DDR3 1333 MHz, it to agree large maximum DDR2-PC8500 (1066 MHz) mark to corsair.I said to the salesman if it could take again my DDR3 to me 1333 MHz to corsair, and to assemble me in the place another mark, it did not want.It my known as I site:

Mr. the fact that you regulate DDR3 PC10600 in the BIOS has 1333 MHz, its like if you made overcloking. Then the hat of its answer. I said to him that to regulate a bar of GDR (it does not matter laquel) its frequency has initial, which and nevertheless registered on my DDR3, was not to make overclocking. The overckoking, according to me its to make function the DDR3 1333 MHz with of its frequency initial (1333 MHz).day I have myself to ask the break-down mechanic if it did not take to me for one to delay. It my been necessary to contact the repression of the frauds, to explain the situation, and it to them my known as to address to him in one the 1st time a mail in RAR, to ask for the replacement of my DDR3 or my mother chart, and if he does not want to see the clerk of the court.It received to recommend it Wednesday March 11, 2009, but not answer of its share.To also appear you that it my known as I site:

your computer was ordered and delivered at the end of 2008, was configured correctly and according to the rules of Article the problems that you met, random restartings are dependent after expertises has your own modifications carried out in the bios. In order to preserve your guarantee, please respect our parameter settings bios origins.

A its nevertheless roof, especially, that it has has to him to make sure of the compatibility of the material at the beginning.

I thus ask you if his good that I think, that in made his all simply mother chart who do not accept the DDR3 to corsair 1333 MHz this frequency, because I have to test all the adjustments possible in the bios, considering in more that and to specify well on the site to corsair.


Thank you by advance for your answers, which I hope for it will be helped has to see there clearer.


PS: I have to address an email to the company Asrock on March 3, 2009, to explain the situation to them, and to request information to them, but I still do not have an answer of their share

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Are you translating from French manually or are you using software? Is the part number of your memory listed on the label as TW3X4G1333C9? How To Read the Memory Label


Test one stick at a time in each slot using Memtest86+.


Try these settings:


CAS Latency (tCL): 9

RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 9

Row Precharge (tRP): 9

Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 24


Memory Voltage: 2.0v

All other settings to defaults.


Source: Corsair XMS Qualification and Testing Information

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Already thank you for your answer.


To sadden for my English, but I know it nothing and I have to translate the him(it) with google linguistics.

Otherwise I have already made a testmem in mode(fashion) back with both pins a whole night (in 1066 MHz) pass 7, and there was no error.

As regards the regulations that you me said, I already have to try the regulations that to quote me to you, stake has part that for Active in preload(preresponsibility) Delay (TRAS): 24 I have 24 but 25

Otherwise as regards tension, here is that I have in BIOS concerning the voltage DRAM:

Automatic 1,47 1,53 1,59 1,65 1,77 1,83 1,88 1,95 2,05 2,11 2,17 2,23 2,29 2,34

And concerning the reference exact of subscriber on the DDR3, Here she is:

CORSAIR CM3X2048-1333c9DH / X 9-9-9-24 1,60 volt worm 2.1

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