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One module is bad...

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I purchased a 2 module memory kit (VSgbKIT400c3G) from New Egg last week.


I installed the two modules today.


Upon turning on the machine, there was a loud noise from fans, computer didn't boot, and acrid smell.


I removed both modules and saw that one module had melted on its side.


I replaced the other module and everything works fine.


What would have caused this?


Is it possible to return the one melted module for a replacement? Or should I return both to NewEgg and get a new package?


Thanks in advance!



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Hey Ram Guy & thanks for your response. Just to clarify, only one (of the two) malfunctioned. The other is installed and is working fine. I wanted to know if I could just return the one and receive a replacement for that one. Or do I have to return both? Thanks again! Susan
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Yes you can get just one replaced but they may send a different BOM or Build of that part and if so then you would need to get them both replaced. But you are welcome to try just one if you like.
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