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64GB Voyager slow?

Nana Ellen

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I have a CMFUSBHC-64GB Voyager. I'm testing new backup software: backing up to my external hard drive, the program writes 21,000 files (one at a time), 18.2GB, in about 20 minutes. Trying the identical backup to the Voyager is taking hours. The software maker says that's too slow, there's something wrong with the flash drive. I suspect it's normal. What should its speed be?
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I read "Bubu's" thread "Writing Speed below expectations". You suggested trying the HD Bench software to test performance with a 100MB file. I downloaded the software and ran the test twice:

1) Read 18614, Write 3198, FileCopy 140.

2) Read 17155, Write 3582, FileCopy 138.


I have no idea what those numbers mean. Can you interpret?


You said Bubu's drive should write at 8MBps and read at 23-30MBps. I'm trying to save about 21,000 files, about 18GB. I can write that data out to my external hard drive in 15-20 minutes. And to the Voyager, after about 7 hours, 15,311 files are copied (12.6GB); 7300 remain. It seems awfully slow.



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