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2 pairs of TW3X2G1600C9DHX gone bad or mainboard is playing tricks

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Two weeks ago i started having problems with my system, sudden i get a BOD and then when i restarted i was running on Standard video drivers. I reinstalled windows to be sure is a hardware problem and it happen the same way. Got the video card (9800GX2) returned for warranty and replaced it with a 9600GSO. With the GSO all worked ok. A few days ago my video card came back with no defect observed.

Installed the video card and booted, windows and all was fine until i opened smth with 3D acceleration, BSOD.

Went into bios and downgraded the memory speed from 1600 to 1066 and surprise all went fine untill today. Today same thing with memory at 1066 7-7-7-20-27 1T.

Is there a possibility my memory is going bad because i cannot see why it ain't working with this video card, i get no errors with memtest.

Vdimm is at 1.8v.

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Check your Windows Event Viewer and see if there are any events relating to your BSODs or errors. What you are describing sounds like it could possibly be driver related.


Also, which connectors are you using from your PSU to power the 9800GX2?

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