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compatible problem with Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2H and Corsair CGM2X2G800


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i haven't got any problem with my computer but if i'm using "CorelDraw" programme it's bit slow.

sometimes it give the error "out of memory" and it automatically closes itself.

when i check with your memory configurator,i've found out that for the gigabyte board there was no corsair CGM2X2G800 memory listed.


is this because they are not compatible each other?:confused:

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  • Corsair Employees

That memory is listed seperately from our other memory as it is not available through online eTailers. It is a module only sold at retail locations such as Best Buy. This module is compatible with your motherboard.


You may want to check with Corel and see if perhaps you have a software related issue or, if you have enough memory for the type of functions you are performing with your software.

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Thank you Mr. RAM GUY.


you words made my eyes open.you were right about the Corel 11 software.

i tried to change a value in the options but it won't happen.any setting won't be saved so i upgrade the CorelDraw version to service pack 2.


now it's working perfectly.no issue of slowing down when using CorelDraw 11.


it's because a software problem and not a hardware problem.


thank you for the support Mr. RAM GUY,cause this is the first time i've used a corsair but now i'm confident about it.


thank you again.:):

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