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Maybe have made a mistake on RMA

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I think I made a mistake by RMAing some memory and haven't actually shipped it back yet and wanted to see if I could get some input.


I had an issue with 1 of my 512MB sticks causing my system to not post. I normally have 3 GB total in the system but for the past month I've been running with just my 2 x 512MB sticks installed. Well now my system will only post with one of the sticks in the system. Swapped around into different slots, nothing. I don't overclock, but I change the timiings back to the board default of 3-3-3-8, with the good stick installed, no change.


I'm thinking at this point I have a bad system and to make matters worse, its a dual channel kit and they want me to send both sticks in, crap. Well I just happened to pull a working P4 board out of another system and I attempted to use my memory in this MoBo. To my suprise, both sticks work in any slot and also pass mem test.


If I take the memory back to my actual system, the same stick as before will not post in it.


If I send these sticks in what happens if you guys think nothing is wrong? I am stuck with no memory then?


My 2 x 1GB sticks are being used in another system for a special project, so these 512 sticks are all I have to keep my personal machine up and running :(


Case # is Case #881838/

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