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2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D


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I've got two sets of Twin2x2048 [4x 1GB sticks] which are from two different batches, v1.2 and v1.5 .


Both the individual sets of RAM [2gb total] run fine through memtest but when i try to use them together memtest restarts itself fairly early in the test.


When running all 4 sticks i've lower'd them to 800mhz, although voltage is set to 2.1v


Does it matter that memtest yacks out early on, considering both sets run fine by themselves in their exact same slots?





ps> would it be better to trade in the 2 sets of twin2x2048 for a twin2x4096?

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Ideally a 2 x 2GB kit is the best option. Have you tried increasing your memory controller voltage? Try 1-3 steps above the stock setting. If this is not stable, you may simply need to start at DDR800 and slowly clock upwards from there. Some systems cannot run 1066 with 4 up so you'll need to find your MAX OC manually.
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