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8GB USB Flash Not Recognized :(


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This is my second issue with a corsair USB flash drive. In my previous case I had a 16gb flash that wasn't recognized and it got replaced (Thanks :D) but now my coworker's 8gb USB doesn't work either. :(


Same situation with hers, I plugged it in at least 6 different computers and at least 3 different usb ports per computer and they all give me the same error msg, that the media isn't recognized. I also checked the USB stick for any dirt and whatnot, cleaned it anyways but it didn't make a difference with the error msg.


Can anyone help please?

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Hi Ram_Guy

I am having some difficulty going through the RMA process that you mentioned in the link above.


I applied for it twice and I still haven't received any information in the email yet


I filled in all the information like name, address, etc and when it came to the part about post ID I pasted just the post number of the first post of this thread.


Did I do anything wrong?

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  • Corsair Employees
Please check your email for a conformation and the Case number and I can check the case. Also please check the spam filter in your email client, more than likely that is where you will find the emails.
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