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Memory for Tyan Thunder K8W


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Alright, I'm pricing out a dual Opteron system and would like to get some really fast Corsair RAM to help me do the high-end digital content creation (DCC) I do for a living. I know I want to get dual Opteron 246s on a Tyan K8W motherboard. So I've been reading what Tyan suggests you use at [url]http://www.tyan.com/support/html/memory_s2885.html[/url] The fastest Corsair RAM listed is ... 1 GB, DDR RAM (reg./ECC), Micron, CM72SD1024RLP-3200/M (MT46V64MTG-5B) I can't seem to find that part number at any of the resellers I know about (newegg.com and monarchcomputer.com). Is it possible it's a misprint or that Corsair lists it's parts differently on the distribution side, or what? That's question one. Question two is...Is there better faster RAM I could be getting that will work with dual Opterons and this Tyan mother board? Question three is... If I wish to have 4 overall gigs with 2 gigs per proc., am I best served to get a "twin" pack? A techie friend once told me this horror story about how DIMMs are made and that any two are unlikely to be alike unless they came from the same batch (?) Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input here! ~L
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